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Widening Your GAP

Your body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism.  Your body has an inbuilt intelligence to deal with, and adapt to stress, be it physical, chemical or emotional stress.  A greater ability to adapt and cope with stress yields a greater capacity for health and vitality, a lower adaptive threshold may result in regular sickness and pain and leave you feeling as though you are barely surviving some days. Giving your body the best chance to respond appropriately to stress will help you live life to the fullest!

A term we use at HealthGuard Wellness is ‘General Adaptive Potential’ or ‘GAP’.  Your GAP determines how your body can respond to stress, heal and move forward.  Too many of us reach our limit, burn out or find our capacity decreasing because we can’t adapt to life’s load.  In order to live life to the fullest it is important to maximise your GAP.

Get moving, eat well, sleep well, think well, establish boundaries, foster healthy relationships.  These simple daily practices will build your ability to respond properly to stress.  Get adjusted.  A spine that moves with ease allows for a higher functioning Nervous System.  It is your Nervous System that controls virtually every function of the body and is in charge of managing the stresses of life.  The better your body can respond to stress, the greater your potential for health. The goal of regular Chiropractic care is to widen your GAP, allowing you to handle more of the things that life brings you – Get Checked Today.

Dr James MacKay


Toowoomba Chiropractor Dr James Mackay

Dr James MacKay choose the Chiropractic profession so he could help enhance the human experience for as many people as possible!

Dr James’ passions are Chiropractic, motorbikes, powerlifting and most importantly food!

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