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brainNeuro Emotional Technique is a technique used by our Chiropractors to assess the impact of stress and emotions on your health. More specifically, it helps your brain process stress and emotions in a more efficient manner.

As we all know, some memories and events are more stressful than others. We also understand that some events in particular can create so much emotion that it can affect our health – think about being sick to your stomach, or shaking with rage, or your heart pounding with fear. Those are perfectly normal, natural responses, and they should pass with time as the event fades into memory. If the brain struggles to process that memory or emotion effectively, it has been observed that similar, less severe situations can set off a similar, inappropriate response. Finding that memory or emotion and giving the brain a chance to process it can relieve the underlying associated pattern of stress.

NET is not a psychological or counselling technique but rather looks to address changes in the body’s response to stress. If you feel like you may not be handling the stress in your life as effectively as you would like, or you’re aware that past events are impacting your health, book an appointment with us to see if NET could help you. We offer free ‘Talk-only’ consultations to determine if the services we offer are a good fit for you. You can find our online booking service here (you can book the ‘Talk-only’ consultation through the ‘New Patients’ button).

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