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Meet Dr Michael Osborne (Chiropractor)

I’ve been watching Chiropractic enrich peoples’ lives for years, and I’m committed to seeing Chiropractic enrich the lives of each of my patients.

Dr Michael Osborne

My Chiropractic Journey

Having witnessed Chiropractic empower many people over a long time, I decided it was time to stop spectating and jump on in. After 5 years of study and hard work I received my Bachelor of Chiropractic in 2016 from RMIT, Victoria.

While I was studying, I enjoyed being part of a team that provided free healthcare to residents of Christchurch following the earthquakes. I also participated in community clinics providing free Chiropractic to disadvantaged people around Melbourne. The time I spent participating in these events has given me a passion to continue helping those in need, wherever they may be.

Outside of Work

I love to get outside and explore – 4-wheel driving, hiking, biking and kayaking with my family is great fun. I miss the motorbike I left in Melbourne, and I enjoy Sunday nights in front of the TV following the Formula 1 season.

Come and experience what Chiropractic can do to improve your health, or to make Chiropractic a part of your healthy lifestyle so you can continue living your healthiest life!

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