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Why do we get Sick?

Simple tips to keep the colds away.

Simple tips to keep the colds away.

It’s the time of year when everyone knows someone who is unwell. Colds, runny noses, congestion, it seems like most people are constantly fighting something when the weather cools down. Why is that?

As it turns out, the answer is pretty simple. When it gets cold, we spend more time inside, and less time outside. I have to say I’m much less inclined to go outside for some exercise before or after work at this time of year – it’s too dark and cold! Unfortunately, sharing inside air with others for longer periods of time through the day makes us a bit more susceptible to the common cold. Less time outside means we’re not getting the benefits of daylight.

For example, less daylight means less vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial in many functions of the body, in fact it’s so crucial that it’s technically classed as a hormone, not a vitamin. One of its roles is in maintaining your immune system, and vitamin D deficiency can be implicated in reduced immunity. So take every chance you get through the week to get into the sun and soak up some rays. One sidenote – UVB (which the skin turns into vitamin D) doesn’t travel through glass, so as warming as sitting in your window can be, it’s not going to boost your vitamin D levels.

Less time outside means less movement. Your body is designed for movement – your heart gets pumping, your blood gets flowing, your lymphatic system gets going, and tissue fluid gets pushed in and out of joints with each movement. It’s good for you! For example, your lymph nodes monitor lymphatic fluid that comes through them, looking for viruses and the like to remove from the fluid before it re-enters your blood. Without movement, the lymph nodes are much less efficient, giving your body less of a chance to fight infections before they take hold.

So, get outside! Keep your movement up and enjoy the beautiful sun that we often take for granted here in Queensland at this time of year. That way you’re much more likely to avoid the colds that are bogging others down or, at the very least, minimise their impact on your health while your body fights it off.

Dr Michael Osborne – Chiropractor

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