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When Our Habits Slide

Today is a good day to pick up those health habits you may have let slip!

Today is a good day to pick up those health habits you may have let slip!

As a health practitioner I spend more time than the average person studying the human body and health but if I can be honest, my habits aren’t flawless. Despite eating a fresh food diet, receiving regular chiropractic and exercising 2-4 days a week I have found my energy low in recent months. Our chiropractic clinic runs health workshops once a month on a variety of topics and it was my turn to do a talk on sleep this month. It was a good reminder to get back to some healthy sleep habits that I have diligently done in the past but had let slip.

Many people struggle with low energy and there can be a range of reasons, some easier to fix than others. A simple one can be when we fail to prioritise sleep because it can seem unimportant. 7-8 hours sleep a night is vital to let your brain and body recover and keep your hormones balanced. Your best sleep is between 10pm and 6am, sticking closely to this time period even on days off keeps your circadian rhythm in check.

Maybe sleep isn’t an issue for you, but take some time to think of habits you have had before that you let slip. Perhaps you have let your eating habits slide, your exercise has become irregular or you haven’t had a chiropractic check up for a while. Or maybe you haven’t ever paid much attention to any of those things. Today could be a great day to start.


To Your Greatest Health!

Dr James MacKay


Get to know Dr James:
” With the desire to dedicate myself to a career that would be fulfilling each and every day, I chose 
Chiropractic. Chiropractic is about helping your body run at its best so you can heal and deal with everything life throws at you.”

Dr James’ passions are Chiropractic, motorbikes, power lifting and most importantly, food!

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