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Time To Look After Yourself | By Dr Michael Osborne

Isn’t it annoying when your clock falls behind the time? More than once I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security by a clock that is telling me I have 5 minutes more than I do. Just recently, my kitchen clock lost 15 minutes overnight. That made the school run interesting the following day.

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I never notice the seconds that a clock loses, nor do I check my clock regularly and ensure it is still running on time. Fixing the time on the clock doesn’t even enter my list of priorities until it’s become a big enough problem that it might make me late for something. Even then, once I know how far behind it is, I’m often happy to leave it and take the difference into account, putting off fixing the clock even further.

Do you do the same for your health? We don’t usually notice when our health deteriorates only a
small amount. It might be a ‘twinge’ here, or a funny sensation there. It might simply be a
reduction in movement. For others, it might be pain or a symptom that’s quite noticeable, but you haven’t bothered getting it checked out yet. The cliché question is: ‘what are you waiting for?’

Just like a ticking clock relies on synchronous movement between each of its components, your body relies on the function of multiple systems to keep it performing at its peak. Your nervous system is responsible for coordinating function throughout your body, allowing it to work efficiently. Your local Chiropractor is trained in assessing spinal motion, and looking specifically for areas of the spine that may be impacting the function of your nervous system. Just like you don’t notice a clock falling behind by a few seconds, you can have dysfunctional spinal joints that are restricting motion, without even causing back pain.

I would suggest that your body deserves a higher priority than your wall clock. Your health is worth the time it takes to get regular check-ups. And beyond that, you can keep your body running smoothly with some simple ‘maintenance’ of your own.

The best form of maintenance is good nutrition. I sum up my diet advice with four words, “just eat real food”. If what you eat is immediately recognisable as something from a farm, then it’s more likely to be beneficial to you.

The next thing is to move! Find a form of exercise that you enjoy, and treat yourself to half an hour of it every day. Movement is what our bodies are designed for, and that’s why exercise has so many benefits for the body.

Take the time today to make an appointment with your Chiropractor… and don’t be late!

To Your Best Health!

Dr Michael Osborne

Toowoomba Chiropractor Dr Michael Osborne

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Hobbies: I enjoy hiking, biking and kayaking with my family.
Favourite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
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Come and experience what chiropractic can do to improve your health.
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