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This New Year, Make a Lasting Change

Any excuse for positive change is a good one

Any excuse for positive change is a good one

Happy New Year! We’re a few days in already, how are your resolutions going? It’s a good time of year to make a change, so many people do. What sort of change are you looking to make? Did you make any health-related resolutions? In my line of work, I regularly witness the moment people realise that putting effort into their health does actually make a difference to their quality of life.

Don’t wait until pain has forced you to a Chiropractor’s office, make a change this new year.

To give you some help on where to start, here are a few of my top tips for improving your health. My big suggestion before we start is that you pick one thing at a time to work on. Don’t resolve to change everything at once, because you’re more likely to give up quickly.


This has got to be the main area of health that we complicate unnecessarily, but it’s also the area that can make big improvements to our health with simple changes. When it comes to finding the right diet for you, try and find something you can do forever. Short-term diets tend to achieve short-term results. Those temporary diets that are so tempting at this time of year to kickstart your weight loss, tend to promote the yo-yo effect that gives dieting a bad name. Aim for a change that will have you healthier in 5 years, rather than lighter in 3 weeks. Paleo, low carb healthy fat, and the blood type diet are all options worth googling to see which one works for you. If in doubt, eat more veggies!


It’s beneficial for every system of your body, and if you find the right activity, it can be a lot of fun. It’s a worthy challenge for any under-active person: find an activity you enjoy, and get into it! If you’re looking for more motivation, join a team sport, or find some friends who are into your activity of interest. That extra bit of accountability will help keep you motivated.


Got diet and exercise sorted? There’s always room for improvement, isn’t there? Time to do some research into the slightly more complicated things that can make a difference.

  • Look up grounding or earthing.
  • Look up the benefits of time in the sauna.
  • Work on your posture.
  • Take a test to find specific food intolerances.
  • Research time-restricted eating.
  • See a health professional. For example, did you know that chiropractors find sources of interference to your nervous system and remove them, even before they are causing pain?

Find something you can improve, and get into it. Your health is worth it.

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