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Taking Care of Your Vehicle

Your body is the vehicle by which you travel through and experience life.

Like a car that doesn’t run well or breaks down often is a frustration, the same can be said for the body.  How do you keep a car “healthy” for the long term? Put the right fuel in, take care of the engine and moving parts, and regularly take it for a spin so the battery can recharge and the engine doesn’t seize up. Again, our bodies are similar.

The quality of fuel you use in terms of food will dictate the capacity you can operate at day to day.  Considering you create millions of new cells a day it is important you put quality foods into your body to build those cells.

Taking care of your moving parts, or joints, is crucial.  Spinal movement in particular is a part of stimulating healthy brain function, which in turn runs the rest of your body.  Regular chiropractic check-ups are a safe and effective means to keep your spine, or engine, moving well which research shows us has an impact on your brain.  Make a time to see one of our chiropractors today.

Take your body for a spin with a combination of movements.  I have grown to enjoy movement in the form of barbells and body-weight exercises, running and sprinting to cover my fast movements, and stretching and walks to attend the slower movement side.  Find activities in each of those categories that you enjoy, keep in mind that enjoyment will often come after you start to feel the benefits so take action first.

To Your Best Health!

Dr James MacKay


Get to know Dr James:
” With the desire to dedicate myself to a career that would be fulfilling each and every day, I chose Chiropractic. Chiropractic is about helping your body run at its best so you can
heal and 
deal with everything life throws at you.”

Dr James’ passions are Chiropractic, motorbikes, power lifting and most importantly food!

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