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Rest is Best!

Deadlines. Schedules. Expectations. Commitments. Emails. Phone calls. Budgets…

One can start to feel tired just thinking about them, let alone attending to them! The pressures of our daily lives can lead to significant levels of exhaustion both emotionally and physically.

Bush Walking

Doing something that you really enjoy gets you energised!

Rest of different types and intervals can help us to perform better for longer.

  • Regular breaks through the working day: even a few minutes can allow you to refocus, get comfortable and ready to power away again.
  • Adequate, quality sleep: 6-8 hours each night: we all appreciate the value of a good sleep and the issues that can arise from poor quality sleep.
  • One ‘Rest day’ per week: 7 days without rest makes one weak! Not talking here necessarily about lounging around and doing nothing, although at times this can be beneficial. Be active doing something that you really enjoy and gets you energised in doing it -a change from routine.
  • Consider structuring your plans and goals to be achieved in 12 week cycles with a week off to reset and refocus.

Having just returned from an extended break with opportunity to unwind and ‘reset’, I can vouch for the value of stepping away from the daily grind, to enjoy new or desired activities, to refresh understanding and commitment in relationships. It can make marvellous changes to the quality of our lives and help us to be more efficient and productive on returning to our responsibilities.

All work, no play makes for a dull day and an even duller life.

To Your Best Health and Best Life!



Dr Steve Osborne has been practising for over 19 years and is more passionate than ever about what Chiropractic can do!

He enjoys traveling with his family, discovering new foods, new customs and new landscapes both in Australia and overseas, meeting people from all walks of life and making enduring friendships.






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