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Posture Peril | By Dr Michael Osborne

Low back pain is a very common ailment, current statistics say up to 80% of the population will experience it in their lives, and approximately 1 in 6 will experience it in any given year. The truth is, we put our low backs through incredible amounts of stress in our day to day lives, and often when we don’t realise it.

For example, if you’re sitting on your couch watching TV, it’s quite likely your low back is curved the opposite way to what it should be. This has the effect of lengthening ligaments that are designed to stabilise that area. Problems then arise when you then leave the couch to move those pavers that have been sitting on the back patio for a month. Or, if you’re really unlucky, you simply bend over to turn on your washing machine. With lengthened ligaments, even the most mundane movements become a Russian roulette for your low back.

One thing you can do to decrease your likelihood of low back pain is be careful of posture. Neutral spine position is controlled by your low back and sets the foundation for spinal posture. The idea is to have some curve in your low back, but not too much. If arching your low back as much as possible is position 0 and flattening it against a hard surface is position 10, then neutral spine is position 7.

Your Chiropractors here at HealthGuard can guide you through this exercise and assess any other effects your posture may be having on your health. Make a time to come in and see one of our great Chiropractors and give your health a boost!


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Dr Michael Osborne


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