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Pain in the neck | By Dr Michael Osborne

We all know someone who is a pain in the neck. Most of us know someone who has a pain in the neck. For those friends who aren’t pains in the neck, but do have pain in their neck, what do you suggest?

Typically, the western approach to neck pain is to take an anti-inflammatory drug or pain killer and hope that the problem sorts itself out relatively soon. Sometimes this approach can work, however, what you begin to realise is that in a case like this, the medication isn’t fixing the problem, but merely masking it while your body attempts to correct it on its own.

Increasingly, people are turning to methods of resolving neck pain that don’t involve medication. The most treatments people are looking to are manual therapies such as massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathy and Chinese medicine. Each of these therapies takes a different approach to finding and addressing the cause of your neck pain, rather than simply hiding the pain.

Additionally, there is research now showing manual therapy to be more effective than medication at resolving neck pain.

Your local Chiropractor is trained in assessing and correcting dysfunctional spinal joints that may be contributing to neck pain. As experts in spinal joint movement, chiropractors understand the relationship between good joint function and a happy neck.

Next time a friend tells you their neck is a bit sore, don’t reach for the paracetamol, but encourage them to come and see one of our caring Chiropractors, it’s what a friend would do.

To Your Best Health!

Dr Michael Osborne

Toowoomba Chiropractor Dr Michael Osborne

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