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Pain in the Neck? | By Dr Michael Osborne

Sitting for too long can put stress on you neck and shoulders, resulting in headaches and tension.

Sitting for too long can put stress on you neck and shoulders, resulting in poor posture, headaches and tension.

While you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re leaning over the paper, leaning forward at your computer desk, or hunched over some other digital device. Your shoulders are likely sitting forward, and your head craning forward on your neck.

Whether it’s for work or relaxation, this hunched position is common at desks, in the car, playing a video game, or perhaps even while reading the paper. If it is a position you find yourself in frequently, it’s likely you suffer from mild headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and/or upper back pain. It’s certainly a reason many of my patients initially seek care.

A great exercise to help relieve the tension of this posture is called Brugger’s relief position. It can be done seated or standing, and the basic idea is to draw the shoulder blades back and together while tucking your chin in against your neck.

Start with your arms down and out just a little in front of your body. Squeeze your shoulder blades together until you feel a squeeze in the middle of your back. At the same time, without looking up or down, pull your chin in against your neck. Hold this position while taking some deep breaths for 10-15 seconds.

When it is done right, this is a fantastic posture reset.  If you’re not sure you’re doing it correctly, be sure to ask your Chiropractor next time you’re here at HealthGuard, we can guide you through this exercise and assess any other effects your posture may be having on your health.  Look forward to seeing you next time you’re in!

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