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Moving Into Your Golden Years

“The less you move, the less your joints are able to move. Use it or lost it”

Movement, it’s one of the fundamental signs of life. The human brain thrives from movement, especially spinal movement, which is one reason why sitting all day can make you sluggish. The human body is designed to adapt to what it is subjected to. Weightlifters get stronger by progressively lifting more weight, forcing their body to change. If we are sedentary we will put on unwanted weight and lose mobility. Every joint in your body is designed to be moved through its full range of motion but the less you move, the less your joints are able to move. Use it or lose it.

When it comes to ageing, mobility and strength loss becomes more of a problem and can start to affect daily living. Although physical decline is inevitable, making a commitment to daily movement and exercise can improve function. Even if you are starting to notice the effects of ageing you can make small changes to improve your quality of life.

Keeping your legs and hips strong is important to remain steady on your feet as you age. Squats are a great movement to do this. A squat can simply be performed by sitting down into a chair and standing back up. Start with 5-10 repetitions and aim to get up to 50 in a day.

Pain and tension in the pelvis and lower spine can impact your ability to stay mobile and healthy so regular chiropractic corrections are advisable to keep you moving well into your golden years.


To Your Greatest Health!

Dr James MacKay


Get to know Dr James:
” With the desire to dedicate myself to a career that would be fulfilling each and every day, I chose 
Chiropractic. Chiropractic is about helping your body run at its best so you can heal and deal with everything life throws at you.”

Dr James’ passions are Chiropractic, motorbikes, power lifting and most importantly, food!

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