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Move It! | By Dr Steve Osborne

Move ItEver heard the term ‘Move it, or lose it’? Movement is a quality that defines life. If something that should move
is incapable of moving, there’s a good chance that it is either asleep, extremely hurt or unwell… or maybe even dead! The better someone can move, the better their health. And conversely, the poorer the movement, the poorer their health.

Good healthy joint movement nourishes the joint tissues, keeps muscles strong and joints flexible. Research by Nobel Prize Winning Neurologist, Dr Roger Sperry, identified that movement of the human spine is necessary for the healthy function of the brain and Nervous System. This necessarily means that if the spine isn’t moving as well as it should, the Nervous System is not going to be functioning at full health. What if just one segment of the spine isn’t moving freely? What if several segments are not moving freely? Restriction of movement is not always painful, so how would you know?

Chiropractors are highly trained in identifying, assessing and correcting the restricted movement of the spine with gentle, specific and appropriate adjustments. Don’t wait until you have severe back pain or headaches before having your spine examined. You need to have your car’s wheel alignment checked to ensure safe movement on the roads and to minimise wear and unnecessary expense. Would it not make sense then, to check that your body is correctly aligned and moving as well as it can to help keep your Nervous System functioning optimally?
Make a time to see of our great Chiropractors to have the health of your spine assessed.

To Your Best Health!
Dr Steve Osborne



Dr Steve Osborne has been practising for over 19 years and is more passionate than ever about what Chiropractic can do!

He enjoys traveling with his family, discovering new foods, new customs and new landscapes both in Australia and overseas, meeting people from all walks of life and making enduring friendships.

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