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Massage 101 | By Josephine Braithwaite

I love getting a massage. Massages always manage to make me relaxed and happy. There is something so soothing about a competent massage practitioner taking my aching neck and shoulders in hand and working them until I’m drooling into the massage bed.

What I really love about massages though, happens to be the overall boost to my health.  Stress can really take a toll on the body and my modern hectic routine accumulates a lot of stress. When I let it build up I get irritable, anxious, depressed, I get headaches and I have trouble sleeping. If that sounds like you; pay attention. Massages are known by many to relieve stress.
Have you ever tried to help someone fall asleep or soothe a bumped knee? Our natural instinct when trying to do this is to reach down and rub the hurt or rhythmically stroke in order to induce sleepiness and calm.
Another reason you might feel so good after a massage is the pressing and kneading on the skin can invigorate tired or aching muscles. Massage increases blood and lymph circulation – lymph being a fluid that helps rid the body of waste. Massage can help loosen muscles that are contracted and stiff.
The Chinese have used massage to heal as long ago as 5000 BC. Today it is used all over the world and in many different forms. Swedish, shiatsu, remedial, hot stone and therapeutic just to start. Many sports team will require massage therapists to work with their team to improve performance. A massage can help them warm up faster, hit their stride faster and longer and move the lactic acid around after a massage for better recover.
A good massage therapist will talk to you before your massage to find out what best suits you and what kind of results you want from your massage. They’ll tailor the massage to your needs and prompt you about your comfort levels throughout the session.
A single massage can do wonders, but incorporating regular massages in your health routine can be even better for you.  Using massage to regularly bring the body to a relaxed stated, address the tension you hold in your body and helping you to rest and restore, you will find a regular massage is a worthy investment.
With so many modalities to choose from there’s bound to be something for everyone.  Experience the benefits of massage for yourself, I recommend seeing a reputable massage therapist and feeling the difference it can make to your health.
To Your Best Health,
Josephine Braithwaite
Student Massage Therapist

Josephine Braithwaite

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