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Man to Man

three-men-standing-while-laughing-1049317“Suck it up mate!”

“You just need a spoon of cement!”

“Mate, give it a day, you’ll come good.”

We’ve all experienced pain at some point, and we’ve all had the helpful mate unload his little wisdom nugget on us to help us get through the pain. If we’re honest, the “she’ll be right” attitude is also a really good excuse to be a bit lazy. Why spend the time and money it takes to get a problem checked out when you can just ignore it for a bit and let the problem go away all on its own? So please let me give you a couple of reasons why taking the easy path isn’t always the best option.

My first reason is something my patients tell me when posed with the question, “Why has this become necessary for you now – what is your current health preventing you from doing?” Predictably for blokes, the most common response is to do with work and the various activities or postures that they find painful. Another common response would be around the way the pain impacts on their family life – such as “I can’t play with the kids” or “I don’t have any energy when I get home”.

That leads into my second reason. The vast majority of my new patients don’t come to see me because of something obvious like slipping down the stairs and injuring their back. Surprisingly most of my patients report pain, which started with the slightest of aggravations that has just gone on longer than they want it to without relief. This is the sort of pain that isn’t often due to one big problem, but more likely due to an aggregation of small problems. I have found it’s these small problems that we tend to ignore when they appear one at a time, you know, the ones that our well-intentioned mate suggests some cement could help with.

Keeping on top of the little things as they crop up, can often keep them from becoming the big problems that prevent us from being as productive at work as we’d like to be, or being active with the kids. So, man to man, are you ready to take care of yourself? We’re here to help!

To Your Thriving Health!

Dr Michael Osborne, Chiropractor



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