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Kids & Concentration

Fidget, fiddle and wriggle – ever known a child that cannot sit still?

Maybe you’ve had reports that your child is restless in the classroom and struggling with their learning. Good concentration is necessary for a child’s development in their learning environment.

Research tells us that good movement of the spine is necessary for the nutrition and health of the brain and spinal cord. If the spine doesn’t move well, then the nervous system is not as responsive or as ‘at-ease’ as it should be. The irritation typically associated with these restrictions of movement may not necessarily cause pain but can lead to children having difficulty sitting still and concentrating, paying attention to what they are seeing or hearing and impact on their ability to learn. This can lead to less than desirable progress at school and even disruptive behaviour.

While exercise and play contribute to general movement of the spine it is also important that each segment of the spine is moving as well as it was designed to. Our Chiropractors here at HealthGuard Wellness are highly trained to assess the movement of not only the spine generally, but also each segment of the spine and how to appropriately restore movement through gentle adjustments and exercises. After seeing many, many children for chiropractic care, one of the most common observations reported back from parents is their children are more settled, more relaxed and doing better at school. If this scenario describes your child, I invite you to call us today and have your child’s spine checked, take advantage of our Free Spinal Health Check available till 27th February 2017.

To Your Best Health,

Dr Steve Osborne

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