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How to Help Your Child Thrive This Year

The school year can take its toll. Here's how you can help.

The school year can take its toll. Here’s how you can help.

Supporting your child’s health through school can assist their learning, and help the school year go that bit more smoothly.

It’s that time of year again. You’ve bought the shoes, updated the school bag and the stationary, you’ve freshened up the uniform, you’ve packed the lunch, and the kids are off to school. It’s about this time we could all do with a long weekend isn’t it?

The truth is that it’s the start of a long year. Your children have a busy year ahead, full of learning (mental development), sport (physical development) and socialising (emotional development), and it can all take a toll on the body. So how can you best help your child thrive in this school year?

Diet is always important. Where possible, steer your child’s diet towards fresh food. As difficult as it can be sometimes, it’s important to minimise sugar intake – it feeds the stress response in the body, which impedes the brain’s ability to learn. Watch out for hidden sugar in popular lunchbox snacks.

Rest is also vital. Keep an eye on your child’s signs of fatigue. Also, keep in mind that fatigue can be mental, physical, or emotional. So, if a good sleep doesn’t seem to help, it might pay to take some time and ask about how school is going, often a good chat can help.

Keep your child’s nervous system happy and healthy. The nervous system controls your child’s mental, physical, and emotional development. At HealthGuard Wellness, our Chiropractors assess your child’s spine for causes of interference to their nervous system, ensuring it can cope with the demands of school.

Perhaps it can wait until after the long weekend.

Dr Michael Osborne – Chiropractor

B.H.Sc (Chiro), M.Clin.Chiro.


P.S. For a more in-depth look at helping your child through the school year, check out our Raising Healthy Children workshop that we’re holding on 7th Feb at 9:30am. Our Facebook page has more details.

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