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Good Quality Water

We all know we’re meant to drink plenty of water, but do we understand why?
Water assists essential organ function, keeps the skin hydrated (i.e. less wrinkles), assists in regulating blood pressure just to name a few.

If I can be honest for a moment, our town water does not entice me to drink my usual 3 litres a day. Namely because it doesn’t do any favours for the taste buds and also because town water contains a few additional ingredients that I don’t want in my body.

Here’s what my family has found to help our water quality and quantity


Old filter (L) New Filter (R)

Our Zazen Water Filtration System has been a permanent addition to our kitchen bench for 2 years now and after these years of use I cannot recommend them highly enough. About this time of year, I replace the ceramic portion of the filter (see image), and I am continually surprised at the colour difference between the old and new filter. The old filter gets cleaned weekly to fortnightly depending on what our town water quality. I can get a pretty good idea of the water quality from week to week based on how quickly the filter discolours and needs a clean. It is somewhat off putting watching a white filter turn brown within a week of use, and reinforces the importance of a good filtration system.

Removing the nasty stuff

Every water filter on the market takes something out of the water and the Zazen water filter does this very effectively. Of the 10 stages the water passes through, the first 4 are about removing unwanted substances such as chlorine and any heavy metals making it significantly more thorough than most filtration systems.

Adding in the good stuff

What makes Zazen a bit more unique is that once those substances are removed, it adds to the water properties like minerals and electrolytes that are important for supporting our health. We’re not supposed to drink water free of minerals and electrolytes and the Zazen system incorporates mineral stones and multiple stages that add enough of these into the water that the finished product makes sports drinks redundant!
Here is a table comparing mineral content of Zazen water to sports drinks and bottled water:

*image source:

*image source:


The addition of the silver rocks in the bottom tank are designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the filtered water, meaning I don’t need to clean the bottom tank except for the one time a year I replace a few portions of the filter process. That means the water can sit in a tank for a whole year between cleans without a spot of mould inside it, and to me it’s a great demonstration of how well the system works.

Fancy a try?

Next time you’re in the clinic, try a glass or 3 of our Zazen water and consider if a Zazen Water Filtration System would be a good addition to you and your families health. If you have any questions, I’m here to help.  And for more further details about this great product check out

- Dr Michael Osborne, DC




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