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20 Years of Celebrations!

When we ventured out into the unknown 20 years ago with a hopeful dream, we really had no idea of the impact that we would have in helping people with their health journey. 20 years has given us the privilege to provide care for nearly 10,000 individuals at our 3 practice locations – anyone remember the rustic little rooms at at Leichardt Street in Centenary Heights? 428 Hume Street served us well for the next 13 years before our relocation to more suited premises at Margaret Street 4 years ago that have enabled us to expand our services to include Naturopathy and Remedial Massage.

Team Shot

2020 HealthGuard Wellness Team

For me, the celebrations are not the years we have been in business, but far more importantly, the lives we have touched with essential, and often times, life-changing care. From the newborns and children, to the students and workers, the mums and dads, the grandparents and elderly it has been extremely rewarding to have walked beside so many with very diverse needs. The opportunities to provide care further abroad with the HEAL Christchurch outreach (that Dr Michael also attended as a chiropractic student), the Victorian Black Saturday follow-up and more locally following the floods of 2011 have given further opportunities to help many in very desperate need.

You have been a part of this journey with us and we would like to say a very genuine ‘thank you’ for your support, a number of you for the whole 20 years! We are fortunate to have been able to continue providing care in this current crisis and this week we resume our normal full hours of operation, still with COVID-19 compliance, to help keep you mobile and healthy. Let’s be mindful that this current crisis will serve to make us stronger and wiser and remember that “this too shall pass”!

Stay healthy, stay well.

Dr Steve

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  1. Tanya Pato says
    May 09, 2020 at 1:31 AM

    So happy to have been apart of your journey, both as a patient and employee.

    • says
      May 14, 2020 at 2:31 PM

      Thank you Tanya!

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