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Falls Risk, and... Goofy? | By Dr Michael Osborne

One of my favourite cartoon characters growing up was Goofy. He was a friend of Mickey Mouse, and a strange but lovable half-man-half-dog who thrived on slapstick comedy. I had a book about Goofy that taught me to tie my shoelaces, and, in the book, Goofy was continually tripping over his untied shoelaces. Now Goofy wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he did seem to have another problem – one with his proprioception.

Being “goofy” or accident prone is generally an indicator of an underlying health concern

Proprioception is your ability to pick up a glass of water and take a drink with your eyes shut. Your eyes don’t need to be open for your brain to know exactly where your hand is, and exactly where your mouth is. Proprioception involves every muscle, joint, tendon and ligament in your body feeding constant and reliable information to your brain.

A problem with proprioception can be a small thing, like spilling a little water from the glass, or a much bigger problem. Proprioception issues have been implicated in the risk of falls for the elderly, and in younger people it appears more obviously as a lack of coordination or being “accident prone”.

Proprioception is a key role of your nervous system that constantly relays and processes all information to and from your brain.  Here at HealthGuard Wellness our Chiropractors can assess and help improve the function of your nervous system, which is why recent evidence has shown Chiropractic can improve proprioception and potentially reduce falls risk in elderly people.

Contact us to make a time to have your nervous system checked, just don’t trip over your shoelaces on the way in. 

To Your Best Health!

Dr Michael Osborne

Toowoomba Chiropractor Dr Michael OsborneMeet Dr Michael

He is generally not too “Goofy”!
Hobbies: I enjoy hiking, biking and kayaking with my family.
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