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Wow! What a difference a month makes – just 4 weeks ago life was just as we’ve known it for many decades.  Fast forward to today and none of us could have foreseen that we would be scouting shops for where to buy toilet paper and be ‘grounded’ nationally for Easter 2020.Family

As we deal with the uncertainty around current events, let’s take some time to appreciate the people most important to us. Paramount for most of us, are our family and friends. Rarely have I seen so many couples or families out walking together of a morning or evening. A close second to our world of relationships is our health, for without it we cannot enjoy our relationships or our lifestyle to the extent we would like. The basics of good health – fresh air, sunshine, clean water, exercise and a clean diet will go a long way toward keeping your health and immune system, strong throughout this current crisis.

At HealthGuard Wellness, we have been empowering people’s health for more than 20 years.  Our primary focus is to help you live the best life you can and maintain a level of health that beyond doing the things you need to, enables you to do the things you enjoy. As we all look to negotiate this current turmoil, one of the ways we can help is through NET (Neuro Emotional Technique), an effective mind-body therapy to help address the physiological (functional) changes associated with the stress response. If you are struggling with life right now, ask us about how NET may be able to help empower you to move forward with greater health and greater confidence.

May we remind you, “This too will pass”. This is not a time to sit down and give up or yield to the dark shadows that are cast over our society as a whole but rather to explore and adapt as we Aussies do best and move right on through.

Stay strong and stay healthy and a very happy Easter to you all!
Dr Steve Osborne


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