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New Patients at HealthGuard Wellness

HealthGuard Wellness helps your natural healthcare journey get started off on the right foot with a smooth new patient process. As a willing and capable guide, we empower you and your family’s whole-body wellness from day one.

The First Steps on Your Health Journey

You should allow for about one hour for your first appointment. We’ll walk you through the initial steps that kick off your journey with us:

  • Paperwork: There is an intake form you will need to fill out and bring or complete at our clinic. This gives us the basic personal and health information we need before starting care. Fill out the form today>>
  • Examination: Our main chiropractic doctor will then take you to our scan and exam room, where we do our assessments. We measure your height and weight distribution, do a posture analysis and range of motion testing, and possibly go through orthopaedic testing.
  • Consultation: The doctor will then discuss your main health concerns and complaints. Your lifestyle and wellness goals will also be part of the conversation, as the chiropractor will thoroughly consider the best course of action for care.
  • Adjustment: You will receive a quick, initial chiropractic adjustment before you leave your first visit. We want to immediately get you moving in the right direction, diminishing your physical, chemical, and emotional stress.

On your second visit, the doctor will present a wellness plan that includes content from your consultation, plus examination findings, a thorough diagnosis, and recommendations for care and lifestyle changes.

Benefit From a Year of Life-Changing Care

Over 400 HealthGuard Wellness patients have joined our Thrive and Thrive Premium programs, giving them $10 off each appointment as long as they keep up with their program.

Ask if you are eligible for this program on your first visit!

Isn’t It Time to Elevate Your Health?

Begin now on a journey that may just change your life. Contact us now to book a 15-minute talk-only free consultation or your first appointment.


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